Sehmon Burnam


Sehmon is a creative technologist working at the intersection of art and culture. Through his work he aims to explore new media as a channel for creative expression while searching for the sublime in experience augmented by technology. In addition to his own independent projects, Sehmon has collaborated with many artists and organizations including AWGE, A$AP Rocky, Lyrical Lemonade, The Summer Smash, and more. Previously, Sehmon was a Product Manager at Google DeepMind, working with teams like Magenta in developing tools for AI-powered creative expression and practice.

Sehmon holds a BS in Computer Science from Northwestern University and a MA in Interactive Media Arts from NYU's ITP/IMA Low Res program. Sehmon is currently based in New York City.


Google AI: Magenta

Product Manager for AI Creativity tools at Google AI, working with the Magenta team on AI-Assisted Creative Writing and ML-enabled audio production.

The Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash

Designer and Developer for The Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash, the largest independent hip hop festival in the United States.


Creative collaborator and developer for AWGE, the creative collective of A$AP Rocky.

Daydreams of Simulacra

Daydreams of Simulacra (2023) - An interactive generative audio sculpture that meditates on humanity in the age of machine intelligence.

Lyrical Lemonade

Designer and Developer for Lyrical Lemonade's online presence.