Daydreams of Simulacra


Daydreams of Simulacra (2023) - An interactive generative audio sculpture that meditates on humanity in the age of machine intelligence.

This installation reflects my internal tension as I contemplate the future intersection of technology and society. Advances in artificial intelligence and generative media are reshaping our relationship with ourselves, blurring the boundaries between human and machine collaboration. As our tools begin to surpass our creative and cognitive capabilities, we are prompted to reconsider our understanding of what it means to be human. This piece offers a space for meditation on these intricate technical systems upon which we increasingly rely.

Powered by machine learning, the sculpture generates voicemail snippets to emulate human activity and connection. These snippets resonate through the 19 speakers within the sculpture's sound chamber, crafting an audioscape of imagined content. As the installation evolves, new voicemails are introduced, anchoring the experience in the viewers present moment. 

If AI systems and large language models are fundamentally constructed from human input, how might these uncanny reflections offer glimpses, or even hallucinations, of our humanity?


Independent Artist